Ep. 77- Jean-Claude Dominique

Dr. Jean Claude Dominique and his wife, Eliette, had a strong marriage, two children & were living in a suburban neighborhood in New York. Life seemed to be going well.... that is, until tragedy strikes and secrets are unveiled. 

Eliette Dominique

Eliette Dominique

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Stranger Danger Ep. 40 (w/ Keeping It Casual Podcast)


The lovely ladies from the 'Keeping It Casual' podcast, Bree & MJ, join us on this weeks Stranger Danger! They tell their very own stranger danger stories and we, of course, tell you some listener submissions. Enjoy!

And be sure to check out Keeping It Casual podcast! 

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Ep. 75- Maribel Ramos

After serving 8 years in the Army, Maribel Ramos returned to California. A couple of years after the death of her mother, she attempted to continue living a normal life by getting a roommate from Craigslist. Their relationship was supposed to be nothing but platonic. They would end up becoming good friends but once she started looking for a partner on dating apps, she mysteriously disappeared.

Here is the conversation from Yelp: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/kwnmay/did-a-murderer-just-give-himself-away-on-yelp

We finish the episode with playing a game we call "The ABC's of Murder Weapons". 

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Ep. 74- Catherine & Andrew Suh

Although one of the two siblings committed to actual crime, this case is far from being that simple. After the death of their older brother, Andrew became the ideal son while his older sister, Catherine, was shunned and outcast simply because she couldn't carry on the family name. Being treated the way she was, Catherine rebelled against her parents and would inevitably get her brother caught up in something that would tear two families apart.

At the end we finish this episode with a game of "Name that Disney Song" so hope you all enjoy that!

Catherine & Andrew Suh, brother & sister

Catherine & Andrew Suh, brother & sister

Ronald & Elizabeth Suh, father & mother

Ronald & Elizabeth Suh, father & mother

Ronald O’Dubaine, Catherine’s fiance

Ronald O’Dubaine, Catherine’s fiance

Stranger Danger Ep. 38


These stories include coffee with a side of kidnap, stranger "tea" from a strange man, a listener who was accidentally the stranger, a woman recruiting for a cult, night stalker, creep at the daycare, touching without permission and more! 

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Ep. 73- The Vampire of Niterói

Marcelo Costa De Andrade, aka the Vampire of Niterói, is a Brazilian serial killer who raped and murdered 14 boys aged 6-13 years old in a 9 month span. We talk about his upbringing in broken homes in the slums of Brazil and also explain what was going on in Rio de Janeiro, his residence, at the time he committed these murders which helped him get away with them for as long as he did. To end this episode on somewhat of a high note, we play a fun game of solving murder riddles.


Stranger Danger Ep. 37


So in this week's episode, we've got stories about a stalker, a restaurant weirdo, a possible pimp situation, a loony in the park, a creepy old man, an old man with suspicious garbage bags, Walmart weirdos, a birthday night filled with creeps, a drunken stalker on the bus, and a Lyft ride with a warlock. There are some weird ones in this episode ya'll so enjoy! 

Ep. 72- Nathaniel White

Nathaniel White wasn't quite what he seemed. He came off as shy and polite, which enabled him to get in close to a family who was caught completely unaware of his dark side. Some early signs of weird behavior should have been a red flag but his ability to lie and manipulate let him continue down a road that would eventually threaten to tear that family apart. 

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Ep. 71- West Mesa Murders

In 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a woman walking her dog along the West Mesa area noticed that her dog had found a new "toy"... it was a bone. After discovering it was a human bone, she dialed 911. No one was prepared for what they were going to find.  

We're talking about the West Mesa Murders this week and the events that led to the discovery of this massive grave site. And then we end this episode with a little fun segment (as we do). 

west mesa.jpg

Stranger Danger Ep. 35

This weeks episode features stories of a close call of kidnap, getting on the wrong school bus, men in ski masks, a hacker, an office stalker, a speedy car in a field, a crazy neighbor, close encounters of the rape-y kind, & a story on how step family can be strangers too.

Ep. 70- Miss Molly

This week we talk about the case of Susan Deloris Underwood Christian aka Miss Molly. She was brutally murdered and her body was left in a rural area. Who did it? Well, we tell you! And at the end we answer "OkCupid Questions" so go listen! We also shout out our newest patreon aka cult members! Be on the lookout for your guys' sing song video!

P.S.- For some reason the audio cut off at about 00:47:30 after our discussion and then picks right back up before the segment (thank goodness).

Gary Shane Abernathy confessing to the murder

Gary Shane Abernathy confessing to the murder

Stranger Danger Ep. 34

Hey you beautiful listener you! We have come to deliver you more Stranger Danger stories! They include a flash and dash, weirdos in stores, a creep at the car shop, being a target at Target, & so many more. And after you're done listening, don't forget to send yours in. 

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Ep. 69- Angie Zapata

This week's episode we sit and talk about the life of Angie Zapata. Life was tough for her growing up as a transgender woman; she dealt with bullying, name calling, etc. But Angie was a fighter and never hid who she truly was. Being 18 years old, she had her whole life ahead of her but sadly, it was cut short after she met 31 year old Allen Andrade. 

If you or someone you know is trans and just need(s) someone to talk to, you can reach out to the Trans Lifeline: US: 877-565-8860 / Canada: 877-330-6366. 

Also, you know how we like to end these episodes on somewhat of a high note so we end this one with a little spelling bee challenge!


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Stranger Danger Ep. 33

This weeks episode features stories that include phone thieves, penises in public, a window peeper, Atlanta child murders, a subway station pervert, a perv at the washateria, a listener who knew a murderer, and online daters who can't take a hint.

Warning: Brittney was pretty drunk... Enjoy!

Ep. 68- Corrine "Punky" Gustavson

On September 6, 1992 in Edmonton, Canada, 6 year old Corrine Gustavson aka Punky, was snatched from her yard while playing with her friend. Two days later her body was found but because there weren't any witnesses and DNA testing hadn't been a thing at the time, her case went cold. That is, until 2000 when the DNA was finally able to be tested and an arrest was made 2 years later. 

We finish this episode off with a little game of "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" so stay tuned for that!

Podcast rec for the week goes to Can We Cult? Podcast so be sure to check them out.

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