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Ep. 74- Catherine & Andrew Suh

Although one of the two siblings committed to actual crime, this case is far from being that simple. After the death of their older brother, Andrew became the ideal son while his older sister, Catherine, was shunned and outcast simply because she couldn't carry on the family name. Being treated the way she was, Catherine rebelled against her parents and would inevitably get her brother caught up in something that would tear two families apart.

At the end we finish this episode with a game of "Name that Disney Song" so hope you all enjoy that!

Catherine & Andrew Suh, brother & sister

Catherine & Andrew Suh, brother & sister

Ronald & Elizabeth Suh, father & mother

Ronald & Elizabeth Suh, father & mother

Ronald O’Dubaine, Catherine’s fiance

Ronald O’Dubaine, Catherine’s fiance

Ep. 60- Psycho Shankar

M. Jaishankar, aka 'Psycho Shankar', not only committed an astonishing amount of heinous crimes, including rape and murder, but also became notorious for being an escape artist in India. So join us as we tell you all about Jaishankar and his life of crime! We also have a new fun segment at the end so stay tuned for that!

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Ep. 57- Rosie Tapia

On August 13, 1995 in Salt Lake City, Utah, 6 year old Rosie Tapia was kidnapped from her bedroom at the Hartland Apartments. Her body was discovered hours later in a nearby canal. Her murderer has never been caught.

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Ep. 56- The Stockwell Strangler

Kenneth Erskine, from a young age, was a violent child who had mental illnesses. During 1986, in Stockwell, London, 24 year old Kenneth murdered at least 7 elderly people. In this episode, we discuss his life growing up, the murders, and the aftermath. To end this episode on a high note, we play a fun new segment at the end so stay tuned for that!

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Ep. 55- Joseph Mitchell

In this episode, we talk about a case that took place on September 21, 2010. Joseph Mitchell, father of 3 children, attacked his two oldest children and then killed his youngest son, 4 year old Blake. His defense? Joseph claims he was sleepwalking. We delve into this case and give our thoughts on this "sleepwalking" defense. 

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Ep. 42- Zankou Chicken Murders

On January 14, 2003, Zankou Chicken owner Mardiros Iskenderian told his wife he was going to meet a friend at the restaurant. But actually, he went to his sister's house instead. He had planned a meeting with her and his mother to discuss "family matters." After the meeting went from talking to yelling, Mardiros pulled out his gun, shot and killed his sister, Dzovig Marjik. He then shot and killed his mother, Margarit Iskenderian, and after all was said and done, he turned the gun on himself. 

We finish the episode off with a segment of Would You Rather and then we do Patreon songs for our new members!

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