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Stranger Danger Ep. 38


These stories include coffee with a side of kidnap, stranger "tea" from a strange man, a listener who was accidentally the stranger, a woman recruiting for a cult, night stalker, creep at the daycare, touching without permission and more! 

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Stranger Danger Ep. 37


So in this week's episode, we've got stories about a stalker, a restaurant weirdo, a possible pimp situation, a loony in the park, a creepy old man, an old man with suspicious garbage bags, Walmart weirdos, a birthday night filled with creeps, a drunken stalker on the bus, and a Lyft ride with a warlock. There are some weird ones in this episode ya'll so enjoy! 

Stranger Danger Ep. 29

This week's SD episode include stories featuring a close call with a kidnapper, perverted men, a male friend who turned out to be a creep, a parking lot jerk, a creepy bald mall stalker, creepy rape van, pedophiles at a funeral procession and more!

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Stranger Danger Ep. 27

In this weeks episode of Stranger Danger, we give you 5 stories including a man showing his privates in public, a reason to always lock your car doors, a woman off of her meds, a pervy man phone stalking a listener, and an old man who looked innocent but wasn't. 

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Stranger Danger Ep. 26

This SD episode features stories that include a pushy drug dealer, a very disrespectful co-worker, a strange man in Marshall's, a creepy man in a dark parking lot, a dirty creep in Forever21, a nasty old man with a foot fetish, & a man who just doesn't know what "No, I have a boyfriend." means.

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