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Stranger Danger Ep. 29

This week's SD episode include stories featuring a close call with a kidnapper, perverted men, a male friend who turned out to be a creep, a parking lot jerk, a creepy bald mall stalker, creepy rape van, pedophiles at a funeral procession and more!

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Stranger Danger Ep. 16

This weeks Stranger Danger episode involves stories of hitch hiking, a creepy encounter with a cashier, a very aggressive man trying to get a listeners attention, a stalker who looked like Doyle from Gilmore Girls (aka Johnathan from Buffy), and a pedo kidnapper that tried but failed.

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Stranger Danger Ep. 7

Oh snap! In this episode, a listener tells her story of the Night Stalker, another listener tells her story of trying to have a good time on her 21st birthday but two drunk chauvinistic guys ruin it AND! Colleen from Misconduct Podcast wrote in her stranger danger story which includes a Michaels craft store stalker! Stalkers here, stalkers there, stalkers everywhere. 

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