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Ep. 62- Daniel Holtzclaw (Part II)

In this week's episode, we continue Daniel Holtzclaw's conviction and give you his side of the story. We discuss his temperament while being questioned, as well as the fact that multiple testimonies ended up being disregarded. Some of those who were questioned by the police would give information that would later be disproven. Even the evidence and lab results would come into question.

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Ep. 60- Psycho Shankar

M. Jaishankar, aka 'Psycho Shankar', not only committed an astonishing amount of heinous crimes, including rape and murder, but also became notorious for being an escape artist in India. So join us as we tell you all about Jaishankar and his life of crime! We also have a new fun segment at the end so stay tuned for that!

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