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Ep. 73- The Vampire of Niterói

Marcelo Costa De Andrade, aka the Vampire of Niterói, is a Brazilian serial killer who raped and murdered 14 boys aged 6-13 years old in a 9 month span. We talk about his upbringing in broken homes in the slums of Brazil and also explain what was going on in Rio de Janeiro, his residence, at the time he committed these murders which helped him get away with them for as long as he did. To end this episode on somewhat of a high note, we play a fun game of solving murder riddles.


Ep. 71- West Mesa Murders

In 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a woman walking her dog along the West Mesa area noticed that her dog had found a new "toy"... it was a bone. After discovering it was a human bone, she dialed 911. No one was prepared for what they were going to find.  

We're talking about the West Mesa Murders this week and the events that led to the discovery of this massive grave site. And then we end this episode with a little fun segment (as we do). 

west mesa.jpg

Ep. 65- The Monster of the Andes

Pedro Lopez grew up with 12 other siblings and a single mom in a poor home in Colombia. He was kicked out and forced to live on the streets at a very young age. He lived a life of crime, got sent to jail and there, got his first taste for blood. After being released, he started murdering young girls and after being caught, Pedro confessed to killing over 300 young girls across Peru, Colombia & Ecuador. 


Ep. 60- Psycho Shankar

M. Jaishankar, aka 'Psycho Shankar', not only committed an astonishing amount of heinous crimes, including rape and murder, but also became notorious for being an escape artist in India. So join us as we tell you all about Jaishankar and his life of crime! We also have a new fun segment at the end so stay tuned for that!

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Ep. 31- Robert Pigton

You better hold on to your tractor seat because this week we talk about Canadian serial killer, Robert Pickton, or as we like to call him, Robert Pigton. He was charged with killing at least 27 women from 1983-2002 but Robert himself claims to have killed 49 women. Most of his victims were prostitutes and/or drug addicts so that made it easy for him to lure them back to his creepy pig farm and kill them. So tune in to find out more about this monster and his evil ways. Also, stay tuned until the end because we play Bed, Wed & Behead with special guest, Scott. 


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