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Stranger Danger Ep. 29

This week's SD episode include stories featuring a close call with a kidnapper, perverted men, a male friend who turned out to be a creep, a parking lot jerk, a creepy bald mall stalker, creepy rape van, pedophiles at a funeral procession and more!

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Stranger Danger Ep. 27

In this weeks episode of Stranger Danger, we give you 5 stories including a man showing his privates in public, a reason to always lock your car doors, a woman off of her meds, a pervy man phone stalking a listener, and an old man who looked innocent but wasn't. 

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Stranger Danger Ep. 26

This SD episode features stories that include a pushy drug dealer, a very disrespectful co-worker, a strange man in Marshall's, a creepy man in a dark parking lot, a dirty creep in Forever21, a nasty old man with a foot fetish, & a man who just doesn't know what "No, I have a boyfriend." means.

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Stranger Danger Ep. 12- Wine & Crime Special Edition

This week we have a very special episode featuring the stories from the ladies over at Wine & Crime podcast. Lucy gave us two stories; the first, involves a stranger that follows her, Kenyon & their friend and the second is about her creepy landlord. Some pervie mcpervperv in his car follows Amanda in her car and if that wasn't scary enough, he does something she was not expecting. Last but not lease we have Kenyon, her story involves a homeless man who should've been in the porno business.

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