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Stranger Danger Ep. 28

This week's Stranger Danger includes stories featuring a possible predatorial old man, a listener being spied on while in the shower, a cycling creeper, a rude transphobic man, a thirsty guy at a club who doesn't know what the word "no" means, and a sex shop trailer pervert.

If you have a stranger danger story you'd like to share and have featured on one of these listener episode, you can fill out the form the site. Another way you can send it is by emailing it to (that's where you can send your audio versions as well.)

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Stranger Danger Ep. 23

This weeks Stranger Danger episode involves a young pervert, a man trying to "flirt" by showing off his gaping wound, a lesson on how to always keep your car doors locked, an internet chatroom paedophile, a date night at an abandoned zoo, & an old man with dimentia and a gun. 

If you have a Stranger Danger story you would like to share, you can send it to or you can visit and submit it by using the form. 

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