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Ep. 55- Joseph Mitchell

In this episode, we talk about a case that took place on September 21, 2010. Joseph Mitchell, father of 3 children, attacked his two oldest children and then killed his youngest son, 4 year old Blake. His defense? Joseph claims he was sleepwalking. We delve into this case and give our thoughts on this "sleepwalking" defense. 

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Ep. 54- The Cleveland Kidnappings

On May 6, 2013, police responded to 2207 Seymour Ave in Cleveland, Ohio. Between 2002 & 2004, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, & Michelle Knight were kidnapped by Ariel Castro and held captive for 10 years. We discuss this monster, his house of horrors & all of the torture these young women had to go through. And since it's the first full week of March, that means it's Patreon Songs time! 

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Ep. 53- How To NOT Get Away With Murder

On July 10, 2001, 20 year old Sef Gonzales killed his mother, father, and his sister one by one. He had this whole plan mapped out on how he was going to get away with it so he could receive the family money, BUT his plan started falling apart at the very beginning. 

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Stranger Danger Ep. 19

Happy New Year! We're starting this year off with a new episode of Stranger Danger stories! We have stories including a 25 year old pervert, a listener takes a ride with strangers in Mexico, a listener gets an unwelcomed visit in a forest, a pedo likes the toy aisle a little too much, and more. If you have a story where you were involved with a stranger and want to tell it, click the Stranger Danger tab on the homepage.

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