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Ep. 39- Sonny Liston

This week we sit and talk about the life and mysterious death of Sonny Liston. He was a boxing legend who competed from 1953-1970 and also became the world heavyweight champ in 1962. There are many theories about the cause of his death; was it the mob? Was it a drug overdose? Was it trouble with his heart? We discuss all of these theories and more. If you're a new patreon supporter, stay tuned at the end for your very own special personalized song!

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Ep. 27- "Supreme" Scream

In this weeks episode we drink our beers and talk about Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, an American drug trafficker and violent gang leader of the South Jamaica section in Queens, NY who came into power in the early 80's. We also have a new segment we hope you enjoy so grab your Kangol hat and a beer (or wine, or... whatever) and sit back and enjoy!

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